NBrightEspace is a client management tool.

It is designed to help small companies manage their clients, projects, payments, invoices, estimates and tasks.


NBright EspaceAdmin is installed like any DNN module.
Install Package as normal DNN module.
• Create Tab Call “Espace”, just access right to Register Users Only.
• Add “EspaceAdmin” module to the “Espace” page.
• Create a Role Called “Manager”, this role will have access to the Back office. Registered users to the portal will only have access to their own details.
• Give Edit access to the “Manager” role for the “EspaceAdmin” module.
• Create user called “manager” and assign the “Manager” role.
If you login as “Manager” and go to the “Espace” Page you should see a button to enter the Back Office of EspaceAdmin.
The first time you enter EspaceAdmin, you must go to the Settings tab and enter all the setting required.

Scheduler Setup
Included in NBrightEspace is a Scheduler which will create due invoice and send an email report to all clients that have the email report checkbox set.
• Login as Host and go to the scheduler. Host>Schedule
• In actin menu click, “Add Item to Scheduler”.
• Enter Friendly Name.
• Enter Full class and assembly. “DotNetNuke.Modules.NBrightEspace.Components.SchedulerReport, NBrightEspace”
• Enter “1 hours” for the Time Lapse and the retry Frequency.
• Enable to the scheduler to activate the automatic running.

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