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Usage example (step by step scenario)

When you have configured your system for use, you will need to create Articles and Actions so that you are able to create Estimates, projects and invoices.


Articles are your company’s products or services that you offer with their associated prices. When creating estimates or invoices you can select from the list of articles you create for quicker creation of these types of documents.

How to create Articles


Actions are checklist items that can be added to a project. This allows you to follow a checklist to complete a project. Creating actions and adding them to a projects is a great way of keep track and sharing knowledge of how projects are done.

How to create Actions

Senorio: You have company that wants to know how much it would cost for your company to create a website and what you can offer for them. They have sent you their details and would like to have an estimate / quotation from you.

Step 1 : Enter the client details into the system.

  • From the main menu, click ‘Clients’ then choose ‘Clients’ from the sub menu.
  • Next click ‘Add New’, will then display the input page for a new client.
  • Enter the prospected client’s information into the system and set the type of client to ‘Potential’.
  • Click ‘Update Exit’ this will then save the clients data into the system and return you back to the clients list.


Step 2 : Create an Estimate / quotation

  • From the main menu, click ‘Finance’ then choose ‘Estimates’ from the sub menu.
  • Next click ‘Add New’, will then display the input page for a new estimate.
  • Enter the data about the estimate, the date of the estimate, estimate valid to date etc.

To link the new estimate to the new potential client, click the ‘Select client’ icon next to the ‘Contact username’ field. This will display a list of clients in the system, find the client you have just created, then click the green arrow icon to the left of the client name, this will return you back to the estimate page and now you will have the clients details linked to the new estimate.

To select an Article that you have in the system (‘Website with CMS’ for example), click the ‘Select Article’ button which will take you a list of Articles that you have set up in the system. From this list click the green arrow icon next to ‘Website with CMS’, this will then return you to the estimate page and add the article and cost to the estimate.

To add a custom Article (not in the Articles list), click the ‘Add Article’, this will add an Article box to the right where you can enter the custom article and price.

Click the ‘Recalculate’ button will recalculate the cost of the estimate and the taxes.

Once you are finished creating the estimate, click the ‘Update’ to save the data and return you to the estimates list.

To create a PDF to send to the potential client, in the list click the ‘Print with logo’ printer icon, this will create the estimate/quotation in PDF, save it and you can then send it to the client for viewing / approval.

The client accepts your estimate / quotation and wants to start the project as soon as possible.

Now that the client has accepted the estimate/quotation you can send an agreement to be signed:

From the main menu, click ‘Finance’ then choose ‘Estimates’ from the sub menu. Find the estimate you created for the client and click the edit icon to display the estimate.

Click the ‘Create Inv’ button to create an invoice for the client to pay, this will display the create invoice page.

All data from the estimate is copied over to the create invoice, enter an invoice date, payment start date and other data asked for.

You can save this as draft or approved, if you choose ‘Approved’ the invoice, you will be able to create the invoice from the invoice list (the print icons). This creates a PDF which you can send to the client for payment.

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