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Tasks allow you to create jobs (tasks) needed to be done for a Client. You can assign the task to a specific person to complete by assigning the task to the name of the person.

How to create a Task

From the main menu bar, place your mouse over “Admin” and from the sub menu choose “Tasks”. This will display a list of Tasks that you have created, at the start this list will be empty. From here you can also search for Tasks or you can display Tasks by status (Not Completed or Completed).

To create Task click the “Add New” button which will then display the input page for a new Task.

Task Name The name of the task to create
Alarm Date The date that the Task should be completed

This allows you to change the status of the task from ‘Not completed’ to ‘Completed’ or vice versa. Beside the ‘Completed’ checkbox you can also set the priority of the task.

Manager You can assign the task to a manager. The Manager list is configured in ‘Configuration > Settings’ menu item.
Owner You can assign the Owner of the task. The Manager list is configured in ‘Configuration > Settings’ menu item.


General Tab In the General tab you can place a description of the task to be done, beneath the textbox, you can choose who to assign the Task to, this person will then be notified to complete the Task.
History Tab This allows you to enter noted about the task and create a log.

To assign a Task to a user, from the list of emails under the General Tab, by the email address of the person you want assign the task to, click the checkbox.

When you have entered the data, click the “Update” button which will save the Task and send an email to the assigned person notifying them of the task.

To edit a Task, from the list, click the Pencil icon to the left of the Task name and you will be displayed with the data of the Task, edited what you need then click the ‘Update’ button to save the changes.

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