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Articles in the EspaceAdmin system are your products or services that you offer with their associated prices. When creating estimates or invoices you can select from the list of article you create for quicker creation of these types of documents.

How to create Articles

From the main menu bar, place your mouse of “Finance” and from the sub menu choose “Articles”. This will display a list of articles that you have created; at the start this list will be empty. From here you can also search for Articles. You can filter your search by “Category” type.

To create an Article click the “Add New” button which will then display the input page for a new article.

Category You can place Articles into categories for easy use when creating estimates or invoices. These categories are created in the ‘Configuration > Settings’ menu item.
Ref The Article reference number/code
Name The name of the Article
Summary A summary of the Article, this is displayed on the estimates or invoices reports and emails.

The price of the Article. This price must be excluding Taxes as the system calculates the added tax automatically.

Tax % The tax amount. Espace allows for different Tax values. The tax amount are configured in the ‘Configuration > Settings’ menu item.
Archived This allows you to archive the Article for old estimates or invoices and hides them when you are creating a new estimate or invoice.


To link a Client to the Task, click the ‘Select Client’ button, this will display a client list. In the Client list, choose the Client that the Task is for by clicking the green arrow to the left of the Client, this will then take you back to the Task and the Task will then be linked to the chosen Client.

When you have entered the data, click the ‘Update’ button which will save the Article.

To edit a Task, from the list, click the Pencil icon to the left of the Task name and you will be displayed with the data of the Task, edited what you need then click the ‘Update’ button to save the changes.

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